3 Hot Tips for the Math SAT

Here are three important tips to remember when taking the math portion of the SAT:

1) Watch for the word “integer.”

An integer is either a positive or negative counting number or zero. No fractions or decimals.
When the word integer is in the question, and you need to test numbers to determine the answer, use numbers like 2, 5, 10 and -2, -5, -10.
When the word integer is not in the question, then fractions and decimals are included as possible answers. Use test numbers like ½ or .5 and -½ or -.5

2) Your job on the SAT is to answer the question being asked.

Make sure you know what the question is so you can answer it! (You’d be amazed how many people forget this simple step.)
In other words, find the question first and only read the entire word problem if you need to. Most times you only need a few key words and numbers to work out the answer.
Make this your test-taking mantra: find the question, then answer the question.

3) Guessing can actually help your score.

If you trust yourself, you’ll know when you have a shot at the question and when you don’t. And it’s true that you lose a partial point for wrong answers …
But here is an interesting example that illustrates how guessing can help you:
With 4 choices, you have a 25% chance of guessing right, statistically speaking.
So if you guessed 4 times you would get 3 wrong and 1 right.
For the 1 point you scored for the correct answer, you would lose ¼ of a point for each wrong answers which equals ¾ of a point for 3 wrong answers.
That would still leave you ¼ point better off than if you had left all 4 blank!
Be great, trust yourself and let the right answers roll!

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