5 Reasons You Should Have Your Student in Online Summer Courses


Summer has always been a special time for homeschooled students because everyone does “summertime” so differently. Whether it’s a break from school, family trips, summer camps, catching up on schoolwork, or something else, it’s always packed full of great opportunities for fun and learning. This summer is shaping up to look a little different, though. As the safety concern around COVID-19 dissipates we’re left with a lot of uncertainty for many of our normal summer plans. We’ve been grateful for our ability to stay connected in community and education through our live online classroom. This summer is shaping up to be one of our best yet! 

With a variety of different summer course options available, there’s something for everyone. Here are 5 reasons to consider enrolling in a Mr. D Live course this summer:

Catch up in Math

Maybe you got a little behind on math during the schedule upheavals that have occurred this year… don’t worry, catching up is easy! We offer our complete one-year curriculum in just 11 weeks. Each course meets twice a week in our virtual classroom with Mr. H! This course is a favorite, as it helps many busy families stay on track with their math goals that slipped away during the semester. We offer Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Precalculus for a full high school math credit. Classes run June 1 – August 12, 2020.

Get Ready for a New Level of Math

Thinking about what to do this fall but not sure if your teen is ready to move into the next level of math? We created the summer readiness courses with them in mind. Sometimes you need a little refresher on last year’s materials or a little help with understanding the foundational concepts before moving forward! Prepare for next year’s math course in just 6 weeks! Each “Math Readiness” program reviews math concepts learned this year and keeps them fresh while giving students a head start on what to expect when their next math course begins. Each course meets once a week for 6 weeks. Sessions taught by Mrs. B or Mr. H via the online “virtual classroom” occur June 23 – July 28, 2020. Get Ahead in Math

It feels like uncertainty is looming; We don’t know what the upcoming months and (even the new school year) will look like. This makes it an especially great time for students to get some math and other credits knocked out! While you’re stuck at home this summer, get ahead on math! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Fill Your “Socially Distant” Time Well

While many summer camps are canceled, online courses that engage and captivate your child’s attention are so helpful to fill the time. Aside from filling the time well, there are a few other critical aspects of the regular life routines that children and teens desperately need right now: Socialization and routine. Adding a class or two to the mix can help with both! The virtual classroom is also an excellent way for safe and healthy (distanced) socializing with other students and adults. Having commitments to be in class throughout the week helps to keep your kids in a routine for continued stability during an unusual summer.

Tons of Fun courses!

If your summer goals span beyond math classes (which ARE fun!), there are many other self-paced, exciting classes, available through Mr. D Live. Here are a few to highlight:

  1. Flamenco Guitar and Dance
    Keep the family moving, creative, learning about new cultures, and keep the house full of MUSIC! These two classes, taught by world-renowned flamenco instructors, are a great way to spice up your summer. We’re now offering 50% off these classes with discount code FLAMENCO50 during the month of May! More info here.
  2. College and Career Readiness
    Maybe you want to focus on some practical life skills for your student this summer. Students and parents alike adore our College and Career Readiness course. Your student will learn more about their own learning styles, decision making, habits, finances, resumes, entrepreneurship, and more!  More info here.
  3. American Sign Language (ASL)
    We’re so excited to keep receiving feedback from students who have taken our ASL courses, showing us how they’re using ASL out in their communities! This “hands-on” course is a great way to spend some time this summer learning something new, and getting a high school language credit! More info here.
  4. Writing
    We’ve got some awesome instructors teaching Advanced Writing on Mr. D Live. This year-long, self-paced class covers creative and expository writing and will prepare students for successful academic and creative writing on the college campus. More info here.

So, whether you’re behind, want to get ahead, looking for something new and exciting, or just looking to fill the time, Summer Courses are here for you! We can’t wait to see students online next month. It’s going to be awesome!

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