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Heather Woodie writes about her experience with Mr. D Math.

Benefits of Online Math

Have you used online courses for your homeschool yet? Here are a few benefits we’ve found from our experience with the SAT Math Bootcamp:

  • Weekly class meetings
  • Work between the class times which is sent to the student
  • Allows students to ask questions live with the teacher- especially nice when parents don’t know high school math anymore
  • Mr. D has an excellent rapport with the students even learning and using their names from the first day on. My daughter felt like these exams were looming over her head and she was quite comfortable in a short amount of time.
  • Answering questions online is low risk because the instructor is the only one who sees the student answers- this is a plus for hesitant teens!
  • Confidence builder! Students will learn test taking strategies for the math section of the test.
  • The online classroom is easy to access with minimal preparation.
  • Gives students accountability as they prepare for the math sections of the exam.

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