If you have read my previous blog posts, you would know that I don’t believe in the concept of “catching up.” Of course, we have our educational goalposts, but ultimately the beauty of homeschooling is that every student can set their own unique pace. Click here to discover more ways you can work with your students to develop their own pace. 

However, there is a fine line between setting your own pace and not meeting your goals. When you have a dream, it is so vital that you honor that goal by doing your best to achieve it. One of the best ways we can prepare ourselves to meet our goals in the fall is to use the summer as a preparation period. Here at Mr. D Math, we’ve designed several different online courses that will help you prepare to meet all your goals over the fall semester. 

Regaining lost ground 

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we don’t always hit our goals by our deadlines. That is okay! There are always opportunities in homeschooling to regain lost ground to stay on track with our education goalposts. Here at Mr. D Math, we have created courses that could help. If you’re looking to either prep a student for a challenging class or lock-in those needed credits, try out one of our 11-week math courses! 

By the end of the 11-week course, your student will earn a full credit. This is a great way to move forward to where you want to be in your journey to knowing math. Check out our roster of 11-week courses here. 

Freshen Up 

In our blog on “learning versus knowing,” we talked about the practical ways you can help your student discover knowing. The critical component to knowing is practice. Our brain is a muscle that needs to exercise to operate at its full potential. If your student needs a brief refresher on topics they may be rusty on after the break, try out one of our readiness courses. 

I’ve designed these courses to review and cement the materials you and your students covered in the spring semester. This way, they are ready to dive into the new material with a sharp and freshened mind. 

Get ahead! 

Sometimes, our student is ready to move forward. If your student is showing signs that they are prepared to either move ahead or move at a faster pace, let them soar! With homeschooling, the possibilities are endless. It gives our students the freedom to run after the topics and interests they are passionate about. If you’re looking to get ahead, check out one of our 11-week courses that will give your student a full credit at an accelerated pace. 

Building up your students’ credits could allow them to start at a higher level in the fall. If you’re looking to do dual enrollment programs, graduate early, or simply go at a faster pace, give one of these courses a try! 

At Mr. D Math, we want to provide a course that fits whatever goals you are looking to accomplish. Your student’s path is unique, which is why we want to offer a variety of classes to best suit your needs. Take a look at our ever-expanding list of courses! 

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