10 Attitudes of an Entrepreneur

In my many years of business, I’ve seen ten distinct attitudes of an entrepreneur. By pooling my
knowledge with the collective experiences of my company and peers, I’ve found that these
attitudes are as universal and applicable as the definition of an entrepreneur.

5 Ways To Partner With Your Student in Discovery

As educators, we are always looking for ways we can partner with our students in their education. We want to equip them to be independent learners and thinkers, and our partnership is in pursuit of that! Here at Mr. D Live, we’ve found that there are five key steps educators can take to get our […]


The Road To True Discovery In life, there are things that we just know. For example, I just know how to jump rope. I didn’t always know, but now I do. I simply know how to play the trumpet, and I simply know my times tables. As educators, we strive for our students to reach […]

Fostering Self-Directed Students

I have a vision for the world: A world where young people live rich and fulfilling lives, full of opportunity and families are empowered to support them as they build their own futures! As things get increasingly unstable around the planet, global leaders are needed, now more than ever! That is why I have created […]