5 Ways To Partner With Your Student in Discovery

As educators, we are always looking for ways we can partner with our students in their education. We want to equip them to be independent learners and thinkers, and our partnership is in pursuit of that! Here at Mr. D Live, we’ve found that there are five key steps educators can take to get our […]

6 Tips For Starting The School Year As First-time Homeschoolers

Starting out as a new homeschool family can be scary! Maybe you’re feeling pressure to have your homeschool environment mimic that of a public school (our advice: toss that idea out the window!) or you’re questioning your own abilities to give your child a well-rounded education. I’m here to reassure you that making the choice to homeschool is already a victory in itself; it is the first step on a path to freedom, nurture, and countless opportunities for growth. I’ve walked through this journey with many new-to-homeschooling families in the past and am here to encourage, support, and help guide you along your way.

How Teaching Plot Development Can Improve Your Family’s Conversations

By Jody Hagaman and Jenni Stahlmann Does your family love a good movie night? What if you could turn your family movie nights into fun, thought-provoking family discussions? Understanding some of the basics of plot development can do just that. Most plots have some of the same basic elements, and when you understand them, you […]