Jobs In Music That Aren’t The Rockstar

I’d like to introduce you to a few unique jobs that you probably didn’t realize were possible careers. We’ll talk about some of the behind-the-scenes players that help keep the music industry running.

How To Be a Math Person

Guest Blog by Georgia Konopczynski There is a picture I like to show my students. It says:How to be a math person.Step 1: Do Math.Step 2: Be a Person. It is a funny way to open the dialogue to an important topic. Many people grow up thinking they are a “math person” or a “reading […]

The Importance of Homeschool Community

Guest blog featuring Candi Schultz I homeschooled all three of my children from preschool through middle school. Looking backover our journey, I can see the vital role a homeschool community played in my kids’well-rounded education, growth, and socialization. You can create community through onlineclasses, cooperatives, mom’s groups, and field trip groups. My children and I […]

Knowing These Story Elements Can Make Writing a Cinch

Guest blog featuring Jenni and Jody Do your kids disintegrate at the mere mention of a writing assignment? That’s probably becausethey feel like you’re asking them to drain the ocean with a spoon. They’re overwhelmed andhave no clue where to start, but there’s an easy fix for that. Most plots have many of the same […]

There’s No Such Thing as “Falling Behind” in Home Schooling


It’s summer– A time when homeschool parents often plan for a new school year, work with their students to “catch up” or “get ahead” and celebrate the completion of school work and courses. After my time spent in the public and private school world before starting Mr. D Live, I often heard these phrases used […]

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Student in Online Summer Courses

Summer has always been a special time for homeschooled students because everyone does “summertime” so differently. Whether it’s a break from school, family trips, summer camps, catching up on schoolwork, or something else, it’s always packed full of great opportunities for fun and learning. This summer is shaping up to look a little different, though. […]

Is online education right for my student?

As we walk together through the challenges presented by a global pandemic, we are learning a lot about unique ways to live, communicate, learn, educate, and more. While “social distancing” is being practiced and we’re avoiding group gatherings, the ways we do school, homeschool, and co-ops, are changing for many. While some of these changes […]

Customizing Your Child’s Education

There are so many reasons to love homeschooling your kids. Over the years we’ve had the profound privilege of partnering with families in the journey of home educated and it’s been a joy to see how each family does it uniquely! One of the fundamental principles that make homeschooling so special is the ability to […]

Developing Global Students with “World Schooling”

As many of you know, my children, Raffa and Marcella, are not only fellow Mr. D Math students, but they’re also World Schoolers! Our family believes in expanding our perspectives and experiencing different ways of life as we strive to raise our kids as students of the globe.  There are so many ways to live […]