Developing Global Students with “World Schooling”


As many of you know, my children, Raffa and Marcella, are not only fellow Mr. D Math students, but they’re also World Schoolers! Our family believes in expanding our perspectives and experiencing different ways of life as we strive to raise our kids as students of the globe. 

There are so many ways to live life and by experiencing the ways that different peoples and cultures take on daily tasks, make food, utilize transportation, farm, talk, dance and more, we can expand our ideas of what it means to be human! I am blessed to be able to travel with my kids. We love to see how different cultures do different things. I always try to help my kids observe new ways of doing life and ask “why?” another group of people does things differently from us, without judgment.

I want my children to see that there are thousands of ways to live life, and not one of them is “right.” I want them to be able to see these unique lifestyles with gentle curiosity and be able to question them without making them wrong.

When we see different cultures observing “the dinner table” by sitting on the floor and eating with their hands – as is Ethiopian custom – we can appreciate the beauty, history, and community created there.

One of the most awesome parts of homeschooling is that you have the freedom to go out and explore the planet, as well as bringing other cultures into your own home! This is one of the main reasons why I strive to connect families with access to online resources and classes — it further empowers your freedom to be anywhere while you learn. 

I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to move to Spain with my family and experience the richness and history of the culture here, first hand. Not everyone can just pick up and move to another country, but that is the beauty of homeschooling – there are so many ways to bring other countries and cultures into your home!

This year, we’re taking online education one step further and bringing the world to you! My son Raffa started studying Flamenco Dance and Guitar with world-class instructors in Madrid, Spain. He was recently accepted into the Royal Ballet Academy (which is Flamenco in Spain). This experience has profoundly impacted his life, so much so, we decided that we wanted to share this with you! Together, we’ve worked with some of the best Flamenco Dance and Guitar instructors in the world to create an online course that you can take in your home. 

Flamenco music and dance are emblematic of Spain, but flamenco is much more than a red and black polka-dot dress.  Flamenco has a rich and deep history within Spain. It comes from the area of Andalusia (Seville, Granada) and was born from the gypsy culture.  There are many similarities to American Blues. The music comes from a deep expression of sorrow as well as pure joy. Flamenco strives to express those deep emotions that all humans share, pain and anger as well as love and joy and deep respect.  Flamenco strives not for perfection, but for authenticity. What a beautiful way to experience the history and art of another culture!

Learn more about our Flamenco Dance and Flamenco Guitar courses here!

This is just the beginning. If you want to create a global student, a world schooler, the opportunities are around you everyday, to bring the world to your children. In an ever increasingly global economy and interconnected world, giving your students the skills to discover, appreciate, and embrace other experiences of life will enrich their own experience and prepare them to live well in community with the world.

“In today’s interconnected global world, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to prepare them to thrive in the new world marketplace. We must inspire our children to be curious about the world and to become globally aware. We must teach our children to appreciate, communicate and interact with people across different cultures and in other countries.”

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, Best-selling Author & Global Education Advocate

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