Fostering Self-Directed Students


I have a vision for the world: A world where young people live rich and fulfilling lives, full of opportunity and families are empowered to support them as they build their own futures! As things get increasingly unstable around the planet, global leaders are needed, now more than ever! That is why I have created a team of educators that provide unique and forward thinking education programs. We train, develop and empower self-directed students and customize the educational experience, allowing students to discover their own strengths in how they discover “knowing.” 

What is a “Self-Directed Student?” 

Self-directed students are intentional. They’re committed to understanding and knowing whatever it is they’re studying. It is an active pursuit. It is a discovery! It requires thinking. A self-directed student operates with free will, accountability, honor, and respect.

Self-directed education is NOT:

  • Passive
  • Rote memory
  • Something done to you
  • Like watching a movie
  • Done out of obligation
  • Being told what to do
  • Postulating – to postulate is to accept as if true. For example: “Mom said so!”
  • Normative – based on what is “average” or “agreed upon” (You might agree, but not that you have to have).

How to Foster Self-Directed Students

The key to fostering self-directed students is to awaken them to discover their own unique learning style. Helping them understand HOW they come to understanding helps them create an environment where understanding can occur. 

Partner with your student in this journey. Creating a collaborative dynamic allows you to come alongside your young person’s own process rather than instructing them. As your student starts to understand, have them communicate what they’ve discovered and share how to apply it in “real world” applications. This creates a vivid experience of life, an ongoing inquiry, and a  life of discovery.

Our Mr. D Live team is creating a synergistic community of like-minded young people who lead by example. From our teachers to our students, we work in partnership with parents, homeschool organizations, and homeschool influencers who encourage independent studies. It has developed a rich community of people who are committed to a lifelong pursuit of knowing!

Why does it matter?

Aside from the fact that you can completely transform your relationship with your student from one of nagging and frustration, to one of partnership, you’ll also begin fostering a life-long knowledge-seeker! This is an investment into the life of a young leader! The empowerment and personal responsibility that comes along with this way of living creates a deep impact on families, communities, and beyond. It develops young people you can count on, unleashing their potential and infinite possibilities for their future!

This is a journey that will last a lifetime and reap incredible benefits for generations to come. Join us in creating a world where young people embrace themselves as self-directed students.

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