Know Your Unique Learning Style!

Learning Styles: Revolutionizing Your Student’s Relationship to School By Dennis DiNoia, M.A.Ed
Have you ever wondered why reading the story yourself instead of someone relaying it to you helps you comprehend the information better? It’s because you’re most likely a visual learner! Everyone has their own learning style. To succeed in school, relationships, jobs, etc. it is best to know your specific style and follow related practices that help you succeed! Don’t get down on yourself if you can’t comprehend a topic on the first try. Use multiple style techniques that, in the end, will help you learn more efficiently and create a routine you can count on. Whether talking with a parent or teacher, taking an online quiz, or just knowing what best works for you, it’s important to know your unique learning style!
There are a few different types of learning styles. In order to do your best in class, it’s important to know which one fits you! Whichever style fits you best, remember to practice, practice, and practice!
Here are a few common characteristics of each unique learning style:

If you are a Visual Learner you…

  • Process information through the use of images.
  • Need to see what you are expected to know rather than being told.
  • Use charts and graphs to understand concepts.
  • Take notes during a lesson or presentation to better understand the material.
  • Need to be able to look over materials yourself, ie. quizzing yourself with index cards rather than someone else quizzing you.

If you are an Auditory Learner you…

  • Learn through listening and speaking.
  • Can recall information by hearing it.
  • Enjoy active participation in discussion groups, large or small.
  • Find it easier to remember names instead of faces
  • Recite material after hearing it to help comprehend the material you’ve heard even more.

If you are a Kinesthetic or Hands-On Learner you…

  • Can comprehend information through the act of touching it.
  • Create something for a lesson to help understand the topic.
  • Are the one to create the poster or graph instead of researching the information in the group.
  • When studying, chewing gum, tapping your pencil, or rocking in a chair helps you keep focus.

If you can’t figure out your learning style by reading, try out some of these suggestions! Use graphs and charts to understand a problem if hearing it or seeing it in writing doesn’t help at first. Try counting fingers or other objects to understand concepts. Try jotting down notes! Be sure to find the right fit for you!

Knowing your learning style is not just beneficial in school, but it’s helpful in everyday life!

Have you ever wondered why you’d rather watch videos and movies instead of reading about current events? It’s most likely because you’re a visual learner! Everyone’s learning style comes out through their personality and work; whether you are walking around a mall or eating dinner, your learning style affects how you receive any information!
Some people connect better with others with similar learning styles. Teaching students with unique learning styles can seem to be a hassle because one way of teaching things may not be beneficial for every student! If you have a visual learner, a chore chart may help
them be more productive than just telling them to do the dishes. If you are training your student for a new job, try showing them how to do a task first and then letting them try it for themselves. If that doesn’t help, try doing it WITH the student to help them comprehend the task! There are many ways for any task to be tweaked in order to support the needs of every individual.


While there are plenty of characteristics that overlap, finding your unique learning style can benefit every aspect of your life! 

There are plenty of online quizzes that can be taken that will help you understand your style better. I’ve even created my own fun quiz to help you and your students understand your math learning style!
After you find a style that best fits you (and your students!), try to adapt your teaching and learning habits so that you can get the most out of your educational and life experiences. Adopting new practices can be tricky and sometimes take a lot of time, but the more you work at it, the easier it will become to get into a productive and captivating routine! This can revolutionize your relationship with your kids, and even their relationship to learning! Don’t let anyone tell them that you HAVE to learn this way or that way. Take the assignment and fit it to their needs while also making sure to get the job done! Reach out to your students and talk with them about their most challenging subject to learn what you can BOTH do to improve your school experience. Communication is key for EVERY learning style!

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