Creating Self-Directed Learners: Beyond Study Skills

Self-directed learning might feel like just another buzzword in today’s curriculum, but in fact it’s a way of thinking and interacting with the world that can help a student far beyond their high school education. Some school districts have begun to implement self-directed courses inside their curriculum because they recognize the value of this skill […]

How to Bring the Real World into Your Classroom

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a student say, “But when will I ever use this?” Their frustration is understandable—no one likes having to memorize facts that don’t feel relevant! The trick is to make your lesson plans feel useful, and current, using language and ideas that are accessible to your student. […]

5 Ways to Make Goal Setting More Effective

Goal setting is an important skill for all of us to develop. For students who are working self-paced or self-directed through a curriculum, it’s even more vital to have a plan for how to complete your academic goals. But sometimes our goals aren’t clear enough for us to make real progress, or we wind up […]

Know Your Unique Learning Style!

Learning Styles: Revolutionizing Your Student’s Relationship to School By Dennis DiNoia, M.A.Ed Have you ever wondered why reading the story yourself instead of someone relaying it to you helps you comprehend the information better? It’s because you’re most likely a visual learner! Everyone has their own learning style. To succeed in school, relationships, jobs, etc. […]