Customizing Your Child’s Education

There are so many reasons to love homeschooling your kids. Over the years we’ve had the profound privilege of partnering with families in the journey of home educated and it’s been a joy to see how each family does it uniquely! One of the fundamental principles that make homeschooling so special is the ability to […]

What to Do When You’ve Hit a Wall

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve hit a wall. For some students I’ve worked with, learning math felt even more challenging because they were hitting a wall with every lesson plan! Just like any other obstacle, you can’t just drive through it—you’ll need strategies, and resources, that can help you find a way around. […]

Know Your Unique Learning Style!

Learning Styles: Revolutionizing Your Student’s Relationship to School By Dennis DiNoia, M.A.Ed Have you ever wondered why reading the story yourself instead of someone relaying it to you helps you comprehend the information better? It’s because you’re most likely a visual learner! Everyone has their own learning style. To succeed in school, relationships, jobs, etc. […]