"I’ve been singing the praises of Mr. D Math for several years now, of course, ever since my daughter Emma (who started Mr. D Math in Geometry) declared that Mr. D Math was basically up there with Jane Austen. I mean, that alone may be enough to convince you to give Mr. D a try and you need read no further... With the self-paced Algebra 1 online course from Mr. D Math, we have finally hit a home run! It’s confirmed once again: we love Mr. D Math!" To read the entire article, click here.


Part of that lifelong learning for me is seeking growth. And one of the ways that I do that is reading books that help me to increase my knowledge. Or that help me increase my growth. Sometimes a book isn’t presenting new knowledge to you, but it is presenting a new way to think about things.

In my homeschool, one of my goals has always been to help my kids become independent. Independence looks different for every kid, so getting there isn’t always straightforward. To read the entire article, click here.

"Even if your child is not college bound, this course is far more about helping our children take on the world as prepared, confident adults. The balance between college and career readiness allows for broader discussions around managing one’s life, not just applying to college or building a resume." To read the entire article, click here. 
"As I mentioned above, Mr. D Economics for High Schoolers includes projects that are meaningful and relevant. These project include things like understanding how advertising affects their decision-making, learning how to create a budget, opening a bank account, and other projects. The goal is to immerse students in life situations and guide them toward solid skills in making wise choices and asking good questions. This course doesn’t just talk about it, students do it!" To read the entire article, click here 
There’s so much to love with Mr. D Math and for us, it’s been love at first try! It’s so very rare that both homeschooled kid and parent agree on a program, but this was the program for us! To read the entire article, click here. 
The Mr.D Math ASL courses go above and beyond. They not only instruct students on the signs and language but also incorporate deaf history and etiquette into the class. To read the entire article, click here 
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