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Student Testimonials

“I really enjoyed doing your Algebra 1 course this year. I used to really hate having to do math, but this year was different. Normally I don’t understand what the heck other math courses are saying but your course helped me a lot. I was able to understand fractions, decimals, and Quadratic equations better. Math used to be my least favorite subject but now it is probably my favorite! Thank you so much for this course! I can’t wait to do your Geometry course this upcoming fall!”

-Nicholas M.

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done! You’ve provided math classes for us that are much easier than others. You and your team are amazing in every single way! Thank you for all you’ve done and for the classes you provide. Thank you for putting aside your time to help us students understand the world of math. Thank you for everything! Stay safe and keep being awesome!”

-Olivia D.

“Mr. D, I really want to thank you for doing this program. You are always SO enthusiastic during the videos, and the videos are slow and show every step. You explain everything so very clearly, and this is by far the best math I have ever done. I cannot wait till I get to a class where you teach me!

-Emma R.

“Words cannot express how you, the other helpers, and Mr. D have helped me out with math this year! If it weren’t for you guys, I would still be on square one! But, instead, I now understand how to add up square roots, fractions, how to figure out what the probability of something is, linear equations, number theory and number theory decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, polynomials, and about the Pythagorean Theorem, among other things! The way you break things down and explain them in videos, showing me how to do the work instead of it just being a book full of boring word problems, is pretty cool! You are a blessing to all of us who think that math is the hardest thing in the universe! So, again, thank you so, so, so much!”

-Meghan B.

“Mr. D made me want to learn math that stretched my mind and made me really think. Who would have thought! Everything was just clear and made complete sense for the first time since letters were added into what was suppose to be a number thing. And as it turns out, I actually do use this stuff! True story!”

—Sarah S.

“Thank you for being an amazing teacher. I have learned more in your math class than I have in public school math classes.”

-Serenity L.

Parent Testimonials

“Mr. D Math has been a tremendous asset to our homeschool curriculum. This curriculum has given me piece of mind – prep, teaching, and grading are all taken care of!  It’s a relief to know our two older boys are receiving quality instruction, while I am working with our two younger ones.  Our boys look forward to participating in the live, weekly classes and only have postive things to say about the program.  They love their teacher Mr. H, and wouldn’t even think of doing another curriculum.  Five stars!! 

– Moriah C

“I cannot thank you enough for your help! And if it’s alright, please allow me to gush a little bit about what this offer means to my daughter and her future. She is eleven years old and has always ‘gotten’ math but I’ve never pushed her very hard. We’ve operated at a ‘comfortable + 1’ pace using, first, RightStart Math, then, Khan Academy. When I won the drawing for a Mr. D Math course, I didn’t want to waste it just because she was too young to go into PreAlgebra. But, with no expectation, only hope, I set her on a sort of “pre-pre-algebra” path this past school year in hopes she would be able to take the PreAlgebra course here for the 2020 school year. She is now completely ready for Algebra 1 though she is only a rising 6th grader. She will be getting high school credit for the course. That would be exciting for any 11 year old but it has sent this particular 11 year over the moon because she is dyslexic. She didn’t read at all until she was 9. She mostly reads on grade level now but it’s still more of a struggle for her than for her peers and her spelling may always be atrocious. She spent the first several years of her schooling feeling dumb, always feeling like she came up short compared to her peers. This idea of getting ahead in high school credits at her age, for a person who felt so, so behind in other areas, will change not only her confidence and belief in herself but her whole future. This course could be the beginning of letting her graduate ahead of schedule. This offer from Mr. D’s Math is maybe insignificant to the organization; it’s only one class after all, but the impact on my daughter and our family is immense, immeasurable.”

-Melissa H.

“If you recall, I contacted you late last fall because Brayden was returning to homeschooling. He had been in an honors precalc class at a brick-and-mortar school but really struggled through the first semester. Since he was traveling quite a bit this semester for an internship, we decided it made the most sense to do the self-study course. He was originally planning to pick up where his other class ended but did the first unit just to re-familiarize himself with Dennis’s style of teaching. After doing this with the first unit, he decided to just start the course from scratch because he was finally able to grasp the concepts he had so struggled with the first semester! We are all so thankful for your program!”

-Christi G.

“Thank you so much for all your help during this time. You have no idea how pleased my husband and I are about the progress that Anton had experience with your classes.

-Melissa H.

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU – the level of Math engagement for my 12-year-old after 1 class and in the last 3 days is off the charts. I’ve never seen him actually seem to enjoy Math and do the work without complaint. But he has in the last 3 days! And, I’m attaching the NOTES he took yesterday. This is a kid who has dysgraphia, HATES to write, and said ‘Well, he was talking about some interesting stuff about Math, so I wanted to write it down!’ WHO is this kid and how do you do it?

-Rebecca L.

“My son is an international baccalaureate student and was struggling tremendously with the IB Algebra II curriculum. After working with Dennis, he mastered the curriculum, and his grades raised from C to A. Dennis made all the difference in the world! Without a doubt, without a question, absolutely, and definitely this curriculum has helped! Dennis has such a great mastery of the subject matter and his personality and enthusiasm are such that students love working with him. I can say that I’ve never encountered a math teacher, and I have encountered some that I like very much, that is better than Dennis, period.

–Dan D.

“I want to thank you for your curriculum and method of teaching. My son told me the other day, ‘Mom, I like math now!’ I was happily blown away. He is 16 and has not enjoyed math for many years. ‘I hate this!’ is what we regularly heard from him. Now he says that he likes math because he finally understands it. He completed the summer intensive course in Algebra II with Mr. H. He says that is what turned it all around for him. Finding your website by a google search was a total answer to prayer. I just wanted to thank you!”

-Denise Q.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Mr. D Math. My son was struggling with Pre-Algebra and we put him in a class with Mr. H last summer and it has been the best thing for him. He will be taking his 3rd class with Mr. H this coming fall and I am so thankful for him. He has been a great teacher for my son!”

-Sarah D.

“I want to say thank you for a GREAT year of math! Math has never been so “easy” for Jacob or myself. You will also have two of his friends joining you in the fall. We rant and rave about you and the way you are able to truly explain concepts so clearly! Your videos are fabulous too!! My son actually understands Algebra! You have turned his attitude around. He used to be scared of math and quite frankly, hated it. Pre-Algebra was taught so ‘over his head’ and the other Algebra curriculum he tried was a complete nightmare. We are both looking forward to you teaching him Geometry online in the fall. I have already registered him for your Tuesday class.”

-Becky S.

“My husband was working our son on his math and made the comment, ‘I have never heard a teacher explain this so clearly!’ Our son jumped 4 grades in his math computation score on the Iowa standardized test this year. I didn’t realize there was such a tremendous gain.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!”

–Marjorie B.

“My boys were tutored by Mr. D over the summer. I sat in on each of the sessions and was AMAZED at the way he made Math so much easier to understand, even for me! My boys are in 2nd grade this year and are doing very well in Math. We still apply the rules and techniques that they learned over the summer. Their speed has improved greatly with their addition and subtraction. I look forward to working with Mr. D and Mr. D Math products again in the future as my boys get into more complicated math lessons (multiplication, division, algebra) because Mr. D has a wonderful way of explaining in better detail the process, versus the traditional way most teachers teach math. His teaching method makes math less complicated and more fun!”

-Erika A.

Teacher Testimonials

“Mr. D came to Hawaii as our standardized testing consultant. He helped redesign our testing process and brought his test-taking skills practices to our school program.  He even created a math common language campaign for the entire school.  Our test scores soared and Kamaile Academy was named the Most Improved Charter School in all the Hawaiian Islands for 2013-2014! Thank you Dennis.”

—Lisa S, Waianae, HI

Homeschool Co-op Testimonials

“Our program is a hybrid program for homeschoolers. We function as an umbrella school and meet two times per week. Our math program need was to have a program that helped students to stay on track while they are at home while receiving tutoring when needed, and the accountability of the quizzing and testing. Mr. D Math has been wonderful for meeting these needs. We selected Mr. D Math because we were impressed with Dennis and with his ability to reach students, and we wanted to have a program that was user-friendly for our teachers. His videos make teaching and learning enjoyable and fun. Our teaching staff loves using his program because all the work has been done for them. Their job is to HELP students who have questions. They don’t have to spend valuable class time teaching new concepts to students who are completely unfamiliar with the material. The videos provide a base for working together and keep us on track!  Integrating Mr. D Math has been a breeze. His online program runs itself. Linking him to our online platform is as easy as connecting to his site and logging in. The rest is explanatory. His program is very user-friendly. Our students love Mr. D Math. Prior to this program, we used a common text used by many homeschool families, but the interaction and the tracking just wasn’t the same. This is so much better!”

—Danielle M – Wellmont Academy – St. Petersburg, FL

“We offer a wide range of classes to homeschool students in the Tampa Bay area from the core subjects to electives.  Many homeschool families welcome help with teaching math, especially when students reach upper-level concepts.  Mr. D’s math curriculum is taught in a way that makes sense to the students.  He understands that many students fear math and he is able to put students at ease so that they can grasp the math concepts with confidence.   After completing Mr. D Math, students consistently excel as they tackle math at the college level.  Families enjoy being able to review math grades and their child/children’s progress utilizing Mr. D’s parent login.   The students thrive in Mr. D’s math program because of the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.  Questions are welcomed and mistakes are used as a positive learning tool.  In addition, students can review concepts at home by watching the online recorded sessions to reinforce the classroom lesson(s).  We love Mr. D Math!”

—Corey M – Trinity Education Academy of Christian Homeschoolers – Tampa, FL